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soetanto methods for motivation



Getting a job is not a final destination


How did Professor Soetantos class influence your life after you graduated from school?

  Due to the learning experience I gained from his class, I became able to challenge new things at work very enthusiastically. Professor Soetantos class, Motivationand Education was something really new to me at the time of my university years. I attended his class just for my curiosity on how he teaches "motivation" at first. However, my timid character gradually changed through his class which develops student's originality.  He made us think deeply about the concept by asking us many questions instead of just providing us with the answers. He also made the class atmosphere very easy-to-speak-out. Many of students including myself became able to speak to the class very actively, and the class became very enjoyable. He shared stories with us about his hardships in Japan and gave us a lot of encouragements. I also had a chance to present to the class on my essay, and although it was challenging, looking back, I really had a precious experience. And now, from his class, I became not so afraid of challenging new things.

To students who are doing job-hunting

I had hard times in job-hunting. There were times when I wanted to quit. However, practice of job-interviews and chat with friends helped me maintaining my motivation, and finally I succeeded in getting a job which I enjoy doing. Now, I am in charge of global sales promotion. I believe my enthusiasm of English composition led me to the current job. However, I never want to satisfy the current situation and stop motivating myself. I like to keep challenging myself to widen my life-learning path.

   I think that still many students are meeting difficulties in job-hunting as I have experienced. I hope that they stay positive and never give up. Getting a job is not a final destination. It is just a transit point. Thus, I wish they will find their own answers to what means to work and be part of the society. From the experience involving in the circle called WIF (Waseda International Festival) at my university, I learned that there are many ways to interpret work/ career.By exchanging opinions with students from different countries at WIF has helped me widen my view greatly. Thank to the support from many people, I was able to overcome my hardships. Therefore, I truly wish that they will step forward to realize their own dreams in near future by believing their own abilities




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