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[2021-12-13] LIFE Learn & Grow together in Social Residence
[2020-03-04] LIFE Buddhism: A Look Into the Beliefs, Practices & History
[2017-05-03] LIFE A 3-Day Trip around Tokyo's Neighboring Prefectures
[2015-07-19] LIFE It is time to wake up!! New discovery from Japan!!
[2013-10-07] LIFE Russian voice actress JENYA’s column NO.6 International red-white singing
[2013-06-16] LIFE International Red-White Singing Contest in Aug. seeks performers! 
[2013-04-23] LIFE Just Travel
[2013-03-01] LIFE ENGLISH RAKUGO perofmance movies
[2013-03-01] LIFE ENJOY ENGLISH RAKUGO!!  欧米でも”RAKUGO”が大人気!!
[2013-02-11] LIFE SUSHI
[2013-02-11] LIFE SAMURAI
[2013-02-11] LIFE cherry blossoms and japanese spirit
[2013-02-01] LIFE What is surprised me in Japan Jenya's column No.2
[2012-01-23] LIFE There will be no negative effects on health in Fukushima
[2011-10-14] LIFE Introducing Yamanashi Prefecture
[2011-10-14] LIFE World Heritage Nikko’s shrines and temples
[2011-10-14] LIFE yamagata has lots to Offer
[2011-10-14] LIFE Momotaro hero in okayama
[2011-02-10] LIFE iphone Rent Calculator
[2009-01-28] LIFE Why don’t you try Yanbian food for your beauty?
[2009-01-28] LIFE Study hard and make true friends who help each other along
[2008-11-26] LIFE Multicultural Delivery⑦
[2008-09-30] LIFE Food analyst report from Beijing
[2008-08-12] LIFE AMMS International help you to find suitable room for you
[2008-07-31] LIFE Comfort Brazilian restaurant “Carioca”
[2008-07-31] LIFE Multicultural Delivery 6
[2008-06-04] LIFE English Teacher Urgently Needed
[2008-05-28] LIFE Multicultural Delivery5 Italian woman
[2008-05-28] LIFE Enjoy Pub, “HUB”
[2008-03-25] LIFE Popular Restaurant among Foreigners
[2008-03-25] LIFE Multicultural Delivery4 Korean woman 
[2008-03-24] LIFE Interior-Conscious, fashonable Hippo House
[2008-01-30] LIFE Lakeland University-Japan!
[2008-01-30] LIFE Chinese Korean living in Japan
[2008-01-30] LIFE Multicultural Delivery Chinese Woman 
[2008-01-30] LIFE Popular among Overseas Students
[2008-01-28] LIFE J&F(Japanese & Foreigner)GUEST HOUSE
[2007-10-26] LIFE Aizuya Inn: Hostel/Asakusa/Tokyo/Japan
[2007-09-28] LIFE the Cleanest rag collector company
[2007-09-28] LIFE International Free Papar 10
[2007-09-27] LIFE “Welcome leasing”
[2007-09-27] LIFE Suzuki Law Office
[2007-09-27] LIFE JO-JU NET
[2007-08-07] LIFE Tempo Next
[2007-07-02] LIFE Okubo,a city regarded as the synonym for internationalization,
[2007-07-02] LIFE Okubo Bar
[2007-07-02] LIFE LUCIAN Shinjuku Italian Restaurant
[2007-06-28] LIFE Globe Theatre,
[2007-06-28] LIFE Asia Superstore
[2007-06-28] LIFE Indian tours: Air Crystal
[2007-06-28] LIFE Tenrijihosha
[2007-06-28] LIFE Tokyo MS Co., Inc. Medic Service
[2007-06-28] LIFE 「DK HOUSE WARABI」
[2007-06-28] LIFE Korea Plaza
[2007-06-28] LIFE ○Experience as a Japanese Teacher○
[2007-06-25] LIFE LOBROS Co., Ltd. 
[2007-06-25] LIFE Toriyoshi Shin-Okubo Branch
[2007-06-25] LIFE R Corporation Inc.
[2007-06-22] LIFE Easy Japanese cooking
[2007-06-08] LIFE Shinokubo Ethnic Restaurant:Yataimura
[2007-06-02] LIFE Japanese teacher
[2006-12-11] LIFE Experiences of a Japanese Teacher

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