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"Cultivation Required in a Global Society? - Column by Hidetoshi Tojo, No.16"


 "Cultivation Required in a Global Society?

 - Column by Hidetoshi Tojo, No.16"

Title: "Establishment of the International Liberal Arts Promotion Association - Column by Hidetoshi Tojo, No. XX"

In a recent development, I am pleased to announce the official establishment of the International Liberal Arts Promotion Association, a general incorporated association. This new venture aims to systematically engage in activities promoting liberal arts education, fostering individuals equipped with cultural knowledge to thrive in the global arena. The formation of this association comes after extensive consideration and planning, culminating in its formal inauguration in July.

The association's primary objective is to cultivate a broad understanding of liberal arts, empowering individuals to excel in the globalized world. Hidetoshi Tojo emphasizes that many people harbor misconceptions about going abroad, pointing out an example where the ability to wear traditional Japanese attire, the kimono, can serve as a simple and effective icebreaker, creating connections and opportunities.

Tojo recounts a conversation with a company president who asked, "What is the quickest way to make friends in the United States?" While many might think of language proficiency or knowledge about the other person's culture, Tojo suggests that wearing a kimono can be a surprisingly powerful means of connecting with people. The association's diverse membership includes former CEOs of major multinational companies and various experts who have excelled both domestically and internationally, all emphasizing the importance of liberal arts education.

The discussion extends to the significance of having a strong cultural foundation, identity, and understanding of one's home country before embarking on international experiences. Without these fundamentals, individuals may risk losing their cultural identity and even rewrite their ways of thinking and behavior to align with the host country's cultural norms. This could be detrimental, especially when planning to return and work in one's home country, where familiarity with local customs, values, and market demands is essential for success.

In conclusion, the International Liberal Arts Promotion Association seeks to address these challenges, promoting the importance of cultivating a strong educational foundation and cultural understanding for individuals navigating the complexities of a globalized world.


(Shrine Person Operator, Representative of Culture J, Ltd., Hidetoshi Tojo)

Hidetoshi Tojo was born in 1972 in Saitama Prefecture and is the representative director of Culture J, Ltd. He is the direct descendant of Hideki Tojo and the 18th head of the family. Exploring a unique social welfare model in Japan, he turned his attention to the presence of shrines and Shinto. Advocating for cultural tourism through shrines, he aims to revitalize new local communities and cultural entertainment.

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