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"Publishing 'Proof of Japanese Identity' - Column by Hidetoshi Tojo, No. 10"


"Publishing 'Proof of Japanese Identity'

 - Column by Hidetoshi Tojo, No. 10"


Title: "Cultural Inheritance and Succession Challenges - Column by Hidetoshi Tojo"

In his recent column, Hidetoshi Tojo reflects on the challenges of cultural inheritance and succession in Japan, particularly among young leaders, like third-generation business owners in rural areas. He notes that despite the positive responses to his book "Proof of Japanese Identity," it highlights a clear decline in the country's cultural transmission.

Tojo specifically mentions the interest shown by young leaders in his lectures, emphasizing their concern for the meaning and significance of education. Many of these individuals, positioned to inherit family businesses, lack a deep understanding of the essence and roles beyond the family name. This lack of understanding leads to uncertainty, especially when they assume parental roles, unsure of what values to pass on to the next generation.

He points out that third-generation leaders didn't directly witness the founder's work, making it challenging to grasp the original intentions and ideologies behind the business. Tojo draws a parallel with his own experience of inheriting the name "Tojo" without initially understanding its significance, which resulted in a vague sense of unease. However, his unique background and experiences, including overseas assignments, allowed him to find his identity and overcome this complex.

Tojo highlights the critical issue of the diminishing number of successors in family businesses, recognizing its potential to cause serious societal problems. He encourages readers to pay attention to their surroundings and consider the importance of cultural inheritance. The column prompts reflection on the value of cultural transmission and the potential consequences of its decline in modern society.


(Shrine Person Operator, Representative of Culture J, Ltd., Hidetoshi Tojo)

Hidetoshi Tojo was born in 1972 in Saitama Prefecture and is the representative director of Culture J, Ltd. He is the direct descendant of Hideki Tojo and the 18th head of the family. Exploring a unique social welfare model in Japan, he turned his attention to the presence of shrines and Shinto. Advocating for cultural tourism through shrines, he aims to revitalize new local communities and cultural entertainment.

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