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"What is True Culture? Understanding Japan"


"What is True Culture? Understanding Japan"

"Starting from the December issue, Mr. Hidetoshi Tojo, the operator of the shrine portal site 'Jinjajin,' begins a column to convey Japanese culture through shrines."


"Today, we live in an information society. We constantly absorb information from various sources and accumulate it in our minds. However, when we categorize this information as Japanese people, have we perhaps forgotten something beyond just having sufficient knowledge? In reality, we Japanese may not know ourselves as much as we think. This lack of self-awareness is not unrelated to the fact that Japanese individuals often struggle to demonstrate leadership in the international community. Why is this?

When we grasp the term 'international awareness' in Japan, many might feel it implies proficiency in English or familiarity with international affairs. However, these are merely means and not the essence. The true essence lies in a mutual understanding of national identity. Unfortunately, many Japanese people are stamped with the label of being uncultured due to this misunderstanding. This is because culture and knowledge are entirely different things. To put it in simpler terms, culture is 'education,' and it is the social background we naturally inherit. Not understanding this implies that the person may have grown without developing a social personality.

For example, have you ever thought about the founding period of Japan's National Foundation Day, the significance of celebrating the New Year, or the basis for the perceived ambiguity of Japanese people? All of these are related to Japan's unique concepts and Shinto. Currently, as I gather and share information about shrines nationwide, I aim to expand a community that learns about the importance of confronting these roots together. The Japan we live in is truly a wonderful country. Understanding its goodness not only nurtures an international sense but also allows us to experience joy as Japanese individuals. I believe that knowing such joy helps us maintain our authenticity in this flooded information society. Through this column, I hope to contribute to fostering a positive sensibility among all of you."


"(Operator of Jinjajin, Representative of Culturege Inc., Hidetoshi Tojo)"

"Hidetoshi Tojo, born in 1972 in Saitama Prefecture, is the Representative Director of Culturege Inc. He is a direct descendant of Hideki Tojo, serving as the 18th-generation head. Exploring a unique social welfare model in Japan, he focuses on the presence of shrines and Shinto. Advocating for cultural tourism through shrines, he aims to revitalize new regional communities and cultural entertainment."

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(Shrine Person Operator, Representative of Culture J, Ltd., Hidetoshi Tojo)

Hidetoshi Tojo was born in 1972 in Saitama Prefecture and is the representative director of Culture J, Ltd. He is the direct descendant of Hideki Tojo and the 18th head of the family. Exploring a unique social welfare model in Japan, he turned his attention to the presence of shrines and Shinto. Advocating for cultural tourism through shrines, he aims to revitalize new local communities and cultural entertainment.

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