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"Participation in Hidetoshi Tōjō's Nationwide Caravan Final Lecture"


 "Participation in Hidetoshi Tōjō's Nationwide Caravan Final LecHidetoshi



"Inspiring Experience at HidetoshiTōjō's Lecture on the Essence of Being Japanese"

I had attended lectures by notable figures several times before, but this time was unique. Despite being about a familiar topic, I learned many things for the first time, especially focusing on the theme of "What Should the Japanese Be?" Having discovered Eritoshi Tōjō through this global community, I was eagerly anticipating the insights he would share.

In his talk, he passionately emphasized the importance of having an identity as a fundamental step to understanding others in the international community. While listening, I reflected on the need to consider more about the things that concern me personally.

He stressed the significance of "thinking more" about everything, as satisfaction with the current worldview leads to being bound by preconceptions and halted thinking. Even something as familiar as a logo, when attempted to be drawn, may pose a challenge if not approached consciously. This lesson reminded me that awareness is crucial because what is not consciously acknowledged is effectively unseen.

In essence, it highlighted the importance of taking a keen interest in each aspect of life, reflecting on the "why," and considering one's perspective. This, in turn, leads to self-discovery and the appreciation of identity.

The lecture motivated me to cultivate a habit of contemplating more deeply about everyday scenes, my identity as a Japanese, and various aspects of Japan. I aspire to develop this habit to confidently welcoming foreigners, proudly saying, "Welcome to Japan, the world's oldest country." It was an enlightening talk that reminded me to actively seek the truth to pass on Japan's pride to future generations.

I truly enjoyed and benefited from this enriching experience. Thank you. (M.O, K University)

(Shrine Person Operator, Representative of Culture J, Ltd., Hidetoshi Tojo)

Hidetoshi Tojo was born in 1972 in Saitama Prefecture and is the representative director of Culture J, Ltd. He is the direct descendant of Hideki Tojo and the 18th head of the family. Exploring a unique social welfare model in Japan, he turned his attention to the presence of shrines and Shinto. Advocating for cultural tourism through shrines, he aims to revitalize new local communities and cultural entertainment.

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