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Globalcommunity Newsletter  2021DEC



Thank you so much for your concern and support.

『Globalcommunity』 is now in its 12th year of publication as a web magazine for mutual communication between Japanese and Non-Japanese living in Japan. 

We focus on the important news such as health, environment, and communication for the multicultural society.

We will continue to make efforts without forgetting our original intentions.

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Very good news from Japan!!

1:Too early to give up! 

Dementia, cerebral palsy, developmental disorders, etc. will improve without exception in 3 months! !!

In fact, improvement methods that do not rely on drugs have already been established.

In Taiwan and China, where there is no long-term care insurance system and the burden on the family is heavy, it has already been practiced in many medical facilities for many years.

Physical function exercise therapy is supported by the cities of Shanghai and Taipei. In China and Taiwan, where there is no long-term care insurance, you need to protect yourself from dementia, autism, and developmental disabilities. More than 2000 instructors of physical function exercise therapy are active as effective treatment methods.


2:The unknown potential of water ・・・The 2008 award-winning documentary, "Water, the Great Mystery", reveals enlightened new discoveries about the unknown potential for water. The film was watched by three million people in Russia. This acclaimed film won many documentary awards and is available on DVD in English and Japanese.


3:Int'l students are very welcome for Japanese society ・・・・ The 10th International Red and White Singing Festival, which is authorized by the Japanese Ministry of a foreign affair, were held with the attention of the media, connecting the stage in Osaka with performers in Cebu, Bali, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo.


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What the Global Community Aims for

With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, we were able to successfully hold it on November 20th.

The full event has been recorded and posted on the official website below! !!

It is planning to be held next year in mid-November.


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