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We are all connected by water


We are all connected by water

The 2008 award-winning documentary, "Water, the Great Mystery", reveals enlightened new discoveries about the unending potential for water. The film was watched by three milion people in Russia. This acclaimed film won many documentary awards and is available on DVD in English and Japanese.
Scientists, including Noble Prize winners, presented their work on water, and clergy from the largest religious groups discussed the importance of the water in their faith. They reach to the conclusion that "water has memory" and human emotion and thought can effect the structure of water. Science and religion have become closely intertwined, although such a scenario is quite rare in many fields. As the study progresses, scientists are attracted to the mystery of water and reached the concusion that "water holds its memory" or "water has its identity".
This theory has not been supported due to lack of scientific facts, but the film shows that a series of data has been obtained to prove this hypothesis. The idea derives from the fact that about 70 percent of the human body is made up of water as well as other living creatures. If the water can retain memory and has its own identity, why can't we think that all living creatures that are made up of water are all connected like quantum theory - "we are all connected".

To know water is to know yourself.


Rustum Roy - Professor emeritus in material sciences at Penn State University

Researcher of homeopathy, the structure of water

“Basically water has photographic memory and you can imprint it with very subtle energies, even from 10,000 km away".

Metropolitan Kiril - Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church; metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad

"In the holy scriptures, water is more than simply a physical substance. It is a certain concept, and that concept is connected in a special way to the idea of life. "

Kurt Wüthrich - a Swiss chemist and Nobel laureate of 2002.

"When you look at organs, say the heart or the lungs, muscles or the brain, all that you can see in a simple animal experiment is the water in these organs."

Vladimir Voeikov - Dr. of Science Professor of Biology, Moscow State University

Natural water “burns” because it is structured in a special way.

"If you take all the water from gasoline, it will not burn. This was known in the 19th century. To burn anything there has to be at least some quantity of water."

Alois Gruber - Researcher in Austria

Studying the way to recover the molecular structure of water for over 30 years, he created an ionization-type water purification system.

"If a person approaches water with good thoughts or blesses it and says thank you to it, the quality of water will improve and the water will have a positive effect on a person and his body."

Masaru Emoto - Researcher, Japan

He published "Message of Water", which contains photographs of ice crystals.

"Water has a memory of its own". Let's imagine that here we have a human being and here we have water. This water contains many different types of information. If we introduce this water into the human body, then that human body will assimilate this information which may change the person's characteristics."

"There have been many wars based on religion in human history, but in our experiment, water reacts to individual words that have religious content by forming beautiful crystals. This means that the conception of our nature coincides with each religion."

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