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Show it if you want them to believe


Show it if you want them to believe

Hideo Yasuda, a Japanese business executive who was present at the experiment, has worked on a variety of projects for governments such as Malaysia and Thai for 40 years since he worked at Hitachi Seiki.

He was dubious about the project at first. However, when witnessing the experiment at the head office of Sosei World in Nagano, he was intrigued in SFW that may reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

He sent the video to his friends and colleagues. Most of them did not believe in the result, but his long-term business partner from Malaysia showed interest. His name is Rao Yoon-Hee.

Rao thought, if Yasuda insists, he should go and see the engine that works with water. He visited the head office of Sosei in Nagano and saw the experiment on SFW at first hand. Rao was convinced as the result was exactly same as he saw in the video. He then decided to introduce the system to the fish boat in Malaysia.

Rao's business partners warned him this may be a fraud. In order to convince them, Rao requested the members at Sosei World to carry out the experiment on water-in-diesel emulsion combustion in Kuantan Malaysia. No one stopped Rao after witnessing the experiment.

SFW's system was implemented on land and in the boat right away, and Yasuda and Rao jumped into the boat for the test trip.

Upon returning from the day trip Yasuda stated,

"We came back from the trip with a boat that ran by water-in-diesel emulsion which enables to cut 40% of fuel. This is the truth. I know it's hard to believe but this is the truth. I would also like to reach out to the companies that own large sailing vessels which can show better results. I have worked on many international projects for a long time, but there is nothing like the SFW project. Japanese society doesn't easily acknowledge renewable energy that can possibly replace nuclear power, but I believe there are many international companies that would introduce this new technology if this is proven to be good. There are less regulations to introduce new systems overseas."

Remarks from the university professor

Study on Water-in-diesel emulsion proved that if addition of water into the diesel combustion process is successful, increas concentrations of water vapor in engine cylinder will result in an increase in primary fuel pump pressure. Prof. Shouzou Tsuruno wrote that SFW delivers higher calorific value than when 100 percent heavy oil is burned. This led to the hypothesis that SFW contains hydrogen peroxide although there is no scientific evidence.
Methods of observing Molecular hydrogen directly has yet to be established scientifically. However, Molecular hydrogen most likely will not produce such higher calorific value as it is not soluble in water. Prof. Tsuruno's study is explicable if hydrogen peroxide is dissolved in SFW as liquid. If experiment in Malaysia arrives at the conclusion that water-in-diesel emulsion improves calorific value, the study will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission from a diesel engine for large vessels.
We are aiming to establish the technology to homogenize water in fuel and pass engine durability and endurance testing for SFW. We have no doubt that this technology has a great potential and impact on fuel efficiency.

(Masanori Aritomi, professor emeritus at Tokyo Institute of Technology)


The system was introduced to the fishing boat this time, but electronic power companies and companies that own large sailing vessels have contacted Sosei World after watching the video. There are rooms for improvement, but this is a promising project that can possibly reduce use of fossil fuels.

Many companies will need to seek sustainable and eco-friendly business models. Hydrogen peroxide water would be the solution to energy efficiency as well as an alternative to conventional medicine and pesticides. The system can be introduced to medical and agricultural industries.

*Japan, the country with advanced knowledge and technology of water *

As previously mentioned, many remarkable studies done on water are from Japan.

Prof. Shirahata from Kyushu University noticed the potential of hydrogen peroxide water and kept research on water for more than 30 years. He is well acknowledged and participated in the collaborative study at the home of The Nobel Assembly, Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.

Love Gratitude

Masaru Emoto obtained photographs of crystals formed in frozen water that proved the idea that thoughts and words affected the formation of water. Emoto passed away in October 2014.

He is acknowledged by many researchers and religious practitioners from all over the world as his study simplifies the theory that "water holds memory" and "water has its own identity". The idea is intertwined with recent quantum mechanics that theoretically supports the idea of harmony with nature.

As introduced above, SFW (Sosei Fuel Water) could be a solution to energy efficiency. The method is quite different from emulsified fuel in the past, as the water is directly injected into the engine combustion chamber. It is simpler and cheaper than other renewable energy system, and the result is remarkable.

However, we should know that any remarkable study results or revolutionary ideas themselves cannot change the way it is.

Dr. Ervin László, founder and president of The Club of Budapest, said in his book "Cosmos" that scientists only understand 4% of the universe and the other 96 percent remains a mystery. It is still scientifically unknown why water is constantly changing between the three states - ice, liquid and vapor. If we only believes in existing scientific facts, we will never be able to see the truth.

"Conquer Nature" - Age of Fire that focuses on industrialization


"Harmony with Nature" - Age of Water that focuses on mental wellness

We can spread the idea of harmony with nature from Japan to the world. Rather than competing with each other, we can share with each other and contribute to peace and stability in the world.

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