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Eye-opening possibilities of hydrogen peroxide water


Eye-opening possibilities of hydrogen peroxide water 

Hydrogen-rich water, especially hydrogen peroxide water, has received media attention for its health benefits. We interviewed Professor Shirahata at Kyushu University who is at the frontline of the research in this field.

Sanetaka Shirahata, professor of Bioscience and Biotechnology at Kyushu University

Shirahata has studied the beneficial effects of  hydrogen peroxide water for over thirty years. He delivered a series of lectures and participated in a collaborative research on hydrogen peroxide water at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.

Q: What made you think of studying "hydrogen peroxide water"? What is the significance of this?

A: I took over the study from the previous researcher at my institute. There are not so many researchers who study water probably because it is the most abundant substance on earth and always within our reach.

Water is quite important for cells. I believe water has healing effects like "the water of Lourdes", and my belief kept me work on the study of "Hydrogen-rich water" for a long time.

Recent studies show that hydrogen peroxide water increases cell activation and has a positive impact on health. It may be introduced as one of natural remedies following the shift towards integrated care.

I am particularly interested in hydrogen peroxide, which acts as the antioxidant defenses of the cancer cell. The study is still new and requires further research. More studies have been done for molecular hydrogen, but this is not effective for preventing cancer. On the other hand, hydrogen peroxide acts as a reducing agent and thus is lethal to cancer cells. If hydrogen peroxide can be taken into the body, that will be a revolutionary change in the field of cancer treatment. Medical practitioners are concerned about side effects of chemotherapy, and the increasing shift towards integrated care is seen in the US and Europe where conventional medicine is highly developed. Introduction of hydrogen peroxide water would be well appreciated in the field of Clinical Oncology.

Q: I believe hydrogen peroxide water is quite important. How come there are not that many researchers who study this field?

right side Prof. Shirahata

A: "The water of Lourdes" is one of the well known healing water, but there is no scientific explanation for the beneficial forces concentrated in the water. It may be hard to follow the idea that hydrogen peroxide water increases cell activation and prevents cancer, because water is an abundant substance. It's been more than 15 years since the importance of natural treatments is highlighted in the US, but I don't think the idea is not recognized by the general public in Japan. We should cooperate with medical institutions and organizations to advocate the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide water. Once the general public deepens their understanding of water, researchers will receive more funding and have enough budget to keep their study.

Q: What did you present at the home of the Nobel Assembly, Karolinska Institutet in Sweden? We'd like to know more about hydrogen peroxide water which has positive effects not only on the human body but also on plants.

A: I was invited to Karolinska Institutet by Sten Orrenius, professor emeritus, in 2007, where I talked about the health benefits of hydrogen peroxide water. I have reported the progress of the study at the seminar in 2009. I believe the study of hydrogen peroxide water for cancer prevention was well acknowledged. In 2013, we presented a hypothesis, "Water as a source and stock of hydrogen and electron energies". If this theory is scientifically proven, it becomes clear that water stores energy and is deeply connected to life energy. This will also prove another hypothesis that water is a living substance that has memory.

Hydrogen peroxide water has positive effects on plants and soil as it increases cell activation. It will help reduce pesticides use if  hydrogen peroxide water is effectively used. This means we need to change our approach of our study to broaden the use in medical and agricultural fields, to make the most use out of hydrogen peroxide water. This need of the change in the current system should be understood by everybody including those who are not expert in science, medical and agricultural fields. Our mission is to introduce healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle that encourages to minimize the use of conventional medicine and pesticides.

It is challenging to keep the study of water because results of its study could possibly change the history of science and medical bioscience. Scientists need to be courageous enough to reveal a new fact that goes against our common knowledge. A number of medical practitioners and scientists feel that conventional medicine and materialism are already cliché. We need a system that supports scientists like Prof. Shirahata who challenges the new field of study.



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