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Experimental voyaging on Atomic hydrogen water shows 40% of oil cut


Experimental voyaging on Atomic hydrogen water shows 40% of oil cut

The news from Malaysia in July 2015 caught my eyes. The vessel that employed water-in-fuel emulsions in marine diesel engine safely arrived at the port at Kuantan after 24 hours of experiment.

In theory, the engine would stop running if water is mixed with fuel. How did Atomic hydrogen water trigger ignition and keep the engine reving up? The mystery still remains. Toshiharu Fukai, President Sosei World Co., Ltd., said that Atomic hydrogen water (SFW - Sosei Fuel Water) turns into hydrogen gas at the steam reforming stage. SFW made it possible to travel the same distance at the same speed with 40% less fuel for marine diesel engines. This phenomenon cannot be seen in hydrogen-rich water even that contains a high level of hydrogen. This proves that molecular hydrogen (H2) is stable and non-burnable.

There are many ways to measure Atomic hydrogen in water, but the method is not standardized.

However, if Atomic hydrogen can create a massive hydrogen gas and initiate or sustain a combustion process, this means that SFW contains Atomic hydrogen and stays separate from oxygen.

No one succeeded to inject Atomic hydrogen into water, emulsify oil and water, and use hydrogen as fuel. Many attempts have been made for so many years, but Atomic hydrogen could not stay in water for a long period of time. This is a historical event that water-in-fuel emulsions successfully ran a marine diesel engine for 24 hours. This experiment is still on-going and the ferry runs according to a set schedule without engine failure. 

Same result was found in the latest turbocharged petrol engine

Early October, the same experiment was requested and carried out in a turbocharged petrol engine at the head office of Sosei World in Nagano.

Unlike the experiment in Malaysia, the amount of water injected into the engine was controlled by a computer with no human intervention.

This meant the engine would be automatically stop if the computer detects contamination. Surprisingly, this experiment showed better result than the one conducted in Malaysia. The result showed not only a 40-60% decrease in oil use, but also the same level of energy efficiency from fuel return.

In other words, the computer recognized SFW as fuel and started injecting the appropriate amount of fuel to the engine. This experiment was performed openly to the public, and a number of engineers who observed this experiment were astonished by the result. A research institute in Tokyo plans to carry out a demonstration test soon. If you are an engineer or work in the environment sector, you may want to see the experiment at first hand.

Considering the fact that the international community is seeking the way to reduce CO2 emissions, we should be proud of the Japanese company that has obtained the technology to reduce fuel consumption of ocean vessels.

Toshiharu Fukai, the founder of SFW, has been working on the study of water for more than 20 years. He was shocked when he saw contaminated water running out from the hotel he owned at that time. The business was up and running, but he decided to sell the hotel and started the research on surfactant-free water. He presented "Sosei Water" at the press conference at Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University in 1995. Not only Sosei Water has a cleansing effect, but also it helps keep the colon healthy and treat eczema. The water is also effectively used for organic farming. He started receiving positive feedback from the users via mail, FAX and email.

Sosei Water also gets attention from cleaning and personal care industry where issues associated with chemicals are still unsolved.

However, it was quite hard to convince general public without any scientific evidence.

Good thing is that there are more news about Atomic hydrogen, and more people are interested in Atomic hydrogen water. Interesting enough, they also seek for the real hydrogen-rich water.

SFW is a part of Sosei Water. I believe that the study on Sosei Water will go beyond as well as EZ water if the idea that water holds memory is acknowledged by general public.

Fukai does not have a degree in science, but he developed SFW based on the principal of learning from nature, the idea advocated by Austrian scientist Viktor Schauberger. The moral attitude of respect for nature and water should be passed down to the next generation.

Researchers from all over the world has been looking for the water that contains a lot of Atomic hydrogen. This water may be acknowledged by general public in the future.

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